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9 Benefits of Biking That Will Make You Want to Commute to Work On Two Wheels

October 27, 2022


Biking to work isn’t just fun and a great way to get fit; it’s also beneficial for the environment.

More and more people choose to bike as their primary mode of transportation as they are more concerned about the environmental impact.

Recent studies have shown that biking to work is better for you than driving.

Not convinced yet? Here are nine benefits of biking to work that make you want to commute on two wheels.

01. Biking is environmentally friendly

When you drive, your car releases greenhouse gases, which contribute to the ills of our planet.

But you use human power when you bike and produce zero emissions. Plus, you also reduce the amount of traffic and congestion on the road, which makes your carbon footprint less.

Also, you can ride to work during off-peak hours when traffic is lighter. This will save you time and reduce your carbon footprint by lessening your environmental impact.

02. Biking to work is good for your health

Biking at work is great for your health and can help prevent many illnesses and conditions.

Here are benefits of biking:

  • Burn calories
  • Help you lose weight
  • Lower your risk of heart disease
  • Prevent diabetes, certain cancers, and osteoporosis
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Improve your mood
  • Aids your digestion
  • Help you sleep better

Biking to work is also a low-impact exercise, meaning you can do it at any age and won’t put too much stress on your joints.

Remember! Wear a helmet, gloves, and knee pads to avoid unnecessary injuries.

03. Biking helps you lose weight

Not only will biking help you avoid diseases, but it’s an effective way to lose weight.

On average, you can expect to burn about 400 calories per hour while biking, which is a great way to lose weight without feeling like you’re working out.

If you bike to work daily, you can expect to lose between one and two pounds every two weeks.

If you want to lose weight quicker, you should increase the intensity of your ride by going faster or pedaling harder. You can also increase your calorie burn by wearing a weighted backpack.

04. It increases your stamina and endurance

If you commute long distances, like biking more than 10 miles to work, you can expect to increase your stamina and endurance by up to 50%.

Another great thing about biking is you can adapt the ride to push yourself further as you get stronger. That way, you also increase endurance.

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05. Improves your breathing and cardio

When you are biking to work, you improve your breathing and cardio.

When you ride, you increase your heart rate and breathe more deeply, which helps improve and strengthen your breathing.

If you have asthma, biking to work is a great way to help manage your symptoms. It reduces shortness of breath and coughing by increasing your breathing and strengthening your lungs.

You also improve cardio by burning fat and calories in your arms, legs, and core.

06. You’ll be more happier and productive

Biking to work will make you happier and more productive. That’s because exercising releases endorphins in your body, which make you feel happier.

Biking will become your daily exercise, making you less stressed throughout the day. You can also sleep better at night and be more productive during the day.

07. Save money on gas and parking

If you regularly drive to work, you know how expensive gas and parking can be. Plus, driving often comes with the hassle of finding parking, which can cost even more money.

Meanwhile, biking to work is free! You can always find bike racks at work or nearby to securely park.

If you switch to biking, you can save thousands of dollars each year. That way, you also reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.

08. Commuting by bike is fast

If you’re worried about making it to work on time during bad weather, you can always bike.

You can get to your work in half the time it takes by car. As well you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

You also get exercise and fresh air while biking to work and back.

09. Improves your balance and coordination

When you bike to work, you’ll have to navigate road bumps and cracks, which is a great way to improve your balance and coordination.

Another reason to switch to biking is that you use your feet. By alternating between feet, you’ll strengthen both sides of your body and improve your balance.


There are plenty of reasons to bike to work, and now you know all of them!

Biking is environmentally friendly and good for your health and well-being.

Now that you know all the benefits, you have no excuse not to hop on your bike. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and ride!

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