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To provide people with the tools for sustainable living.

Clean. Simple. Sustainable.

We follow a reusable model, our products are made with naturally-derived ingredients, and shipped in biodegradable mailers. Every detail is thought through to be good for you and the planet.
Our Why

Our planet is under extreme pressure…

Each year, the cosmetic and personal care industry produces 120 billion
packaging units. Most of it is single-use plastic that ends up in landfills, pollutes
the oceans, and damages the planet while killing thousands of animals.
43 m
tonnes of plastic are thrown by Canadians
and Americans from their homes.
years is how long it generally takes
plastic to decompose into microplastic,
which continues to pollute the planet.
33 bn
pounds of plastic pollute the ocean each year,
which is equivalent to roughly 15m metric tons
of plastic that wind up in our oceans per year.
70 %
of carbon emissions from cosmetics
could be reduced by using reusable bottles.

1.6m km2

is the estimated size of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
About the size of the province of Quebec or twice that of Texas.
gallons of water is used to make
one pound of plastic.
Our Story

We had to do something about it.

Tallo was born out of frustration with personal care and beauty industry practices,
confusing labels, and excessive plastic packaging. We created Tallo on the belief that there can be a more
responsible way to enjoy personal care that actually cares for you and the planet.

Tallo’s Leadership Team

Rae Zhong

Founder, CEO
Rae is a conscious skincare professional who loves good personal care. She’s always on the lookout for new products and testing out different personal care regimes. Rae loves to find new ways to take care of her skin, and shares her knowledge with others.

Carlos C.W.

Co-founder, COO
Carlos is a master of Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He’s been passionate about science, chemistry, and preserving the planet ever since he was a kid. Prior to Tallo he’s been working on projects focused on remediation and improving the environment.

Live consciously with Tallo

High-quality, natural, and conscious personal care for you and the planet.


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